Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year Here´s to a brilliant 2012

Here´s to a brilliant 2012

Especially on these days as we count the days to a new year,

we are torn between looking back over the last one and thinking what could be for the next one.

2011 has not been an easy year globally,

so for many of us it may not be one we want to look back on with great joy,

but no matter what we have been through, there have been some good points .

Where we are today is the right place for making tomorrow what we want it to be.

2012 a new start, a clean slate but only if you make it so.

If your thoughts and actions are the same on the 1st January as they were on the 31st December nothing will change. However, if the 1st of January see a new dawn of intent, determination and focus 2012 will be all you want it to be.

Four keys to a successful year.
1.Know what you want (be honest with yourself)
2.Be accountable, set targets, three months, a month, weekly, daily
3.Learn from people who have achieved what you want, be open to new ideas,
4.Believe you are worthy and deserve everything you want

Don´t beat yourself up if you have an “off day”, pick up the reigns and keep going. Each day and each year are your blank canvas to design your life as you want it.

Here´s to a brilliant 2012

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