Sunday, January 1, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR still ringing in our ears, and the burden of over indulgence in the festive season is now stored around our middles, time to take stock, draw a line in the sand and move forward.
I know, you still have stock piles of food in the fridge or cupboards, seems a shame to waste them, lets just finish them off…  haha who you kidding???? When that is finished, something else will come along, so make the stance and make a decision what is more important YOU or that box of goodies?
One thing is for sure, if you do not care about you…… no one else will.  If you are not feeling good in your own skin, you are not going to want to be out there beating the drum for your business or achieving your dream. When we are not in prime condition mentally and physically we cannot function at our best, we get lazy, procrastinate and our self confidence slides. 
Why do successful people spend time with trainers, having massages, manicures/pedicures, at the hairdressers?  They are not luxuries they are what keep them feeling great about themselves, pampered and what other people see as “extras”.  Makes you look and feel better than the rest and who do people want to do business with…..healthy, successful people no matter what field you are in as an entrepreneur, or an employee, or achieving your goals feeling good in yourself is a great asset and attraction magnet.
So today is the day to start on yourself, don’t chase your goal, client, money, sale, make yourself feel as good as you can and watch it come to you. People will want to do business with you, will want to promote your ideas/products/services because they want to look and feel as good as you do.
Investment in yourself will give you the biggest and best returns in the long run, start today for a better tomorrow.

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