Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yesterday, we talked about the value of setting goals

Yesterday, we talked about the value of setting goals, about how a goal creates a gap that our minds are programmed to close - either forward or backward, depending upon how strong the picture is. This is why change can sometimes be difficult, because the new picture of where we want to be isn't as strong as the need to maintain current reality.

In order to move ahead, to reach goals that we have set for ourselves, we need to make the future picture of what we want more inviting, more attractive, more necessary than staying in our current reality. This is easier than it sounds, because of two things innate in human beings. We have the ability to use "forethought" - looking forward - and to use our imaginations. In other words, we can look ahead and dream of a future. As far as we know, no other creature on earth has these two abilities.

When we set a goal, and create that gap I mentioned yesterday, energy and creativity are unleashed in our minds. Those dreams of the future cause ideas and drive to close the gap - and we are tremendously creative creatures! We can dream of just about anything, and make those dreams reality.

One more piece: As we near completion of the goal or dream, we no longer need the energy and creativity. Drive and ideas disappear. We have closed the gap, and creativity is no longer needed. Effectively, you shut down. You're done. You compare where you wanted to be with where you have landed, and it is the same place, the same answer.

Goal achievement is a time for a little celebration! Each of us deserves a little pat on the back for a job well done. But keep in mind that we now shut down, and future growth is put on hold.

I have one more thought in this 2012 Trilogy. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

With the ending of one year and the beginning of another

With the ending of one year and the beginning of another,
 I am certain that 
you've noticed the avalanche of the year's "best" and "worst" lists. They are everywhere, from newspapers and magazines to television shows - even the financial pages. While it's fun to look back and reminisce, I'd like to talk a little bit about a more productive way of looking at where we are.
In these daily thoughts, I've talked about the need for purposefully setting goals for ourselves, in order to unlock the energy and creativity inside each of us. When we set a goal, we cause a "gap" for ourselves - between the way things are and the way we want them to be. It is in our nature to want to close that gap. A primary job of our subconscious mind is to keep us like we know we are. Setting a goal changes how we "know we are." We must close the gap..
In order to close that gap, to make the outside picture match the inside picture of who we know we are, our creative subconscious turns on enough energy and creativity to make it happen. We either get drive and ideas to move toward what we want in the future, or ideas and drive to stay where we are. Herein lies the danger of spending too much time looking back at the past.
You see, we move toward the strongest picture, and our natural tendency is to maintain our current idea (picture) of who we are. In order to change, we need to. make that future picture (goal) stronger and more attractive than staying put. By constantly reminding ourselves of our past, we lose the drive to move forwardGive a little thought to this today and this evening, and I'll take you another step in my thinking tomorrow

Planning for the future is a valuable activity

Planning for the future is a valuable activity, but living in the future isn't living at all. Let's talk about where we spend most of our time.

Our awareness of the future is inseparable from the search for meaning and purpose in our lives. Through our imagination, we create images that allow us to envision our possibilities in time yet to come. These images become a larger framework through which we identify ourselves, and our place in the world.

However, if we spend most of our time in the future, we fail to live because we are always preparing to live.

Many people know much more about making and saving money than about using and enjoying it. Many others are so busy planning for events in the future, which they hope will bring them happiness, that they miss a hundred chances every day to feel joy.

The same thing is true of living in the past. Human beings have a remarkable and unique ability to time travel, and the key is to shift constructively between foresight, hindsight, and a full awareness of current reality.

There is much to be learned from seeing the present in the context of the past, and from imagining the future as we want it to be.

As long as we remain flexible and not rigidly stuck in the past, the present, or the future, we can grow enormously and live life fully while making the most of all three.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where am I going


Here is one question that begins to surface for many of us as we find ourselves at the beginning of a new year. It is a very important question that you should ask yourself: "Where am I going?"

If you follow your current direction, where will you be in a year? In five years? In ten? And is that where you really want to go? Be honest with yourself.

Someone once said that the best way to predict the future is to get a very clear idea of what is happening now. We need to do the same thing in our lives.
If you ask yourself this question and you don't like the answer very much, it is important to realize that you have the power to change your direction. You can do it today. In fact, you can do it this very minute, if you really want to.

All that is required is that you choose to change with all your heart, and then you follow through on that commitment with appropriate action, one day at a time.

You don't have to know exactly where you are going or precisely how you will get there. But you do have to have a good sense of when you are moving in the right direction. And how do you know when that is happening? Slow down, take time to reflect, and ask yourself, "Does this feel right?" Then listen for the answer, and make any necessary corrections as soon as possible.


Better than any nove

Better than any novel or soap opera, my life has seen it all. From a 5 star hotel existence on various continents, through to parenthood, divorce and lone parenting; the suicide of a loved one, a working life behind prison bars, dealing with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Asperger's, the gambling and drug addiction of some of the people around me; moving countries, caring for elderly parents, starting and running a business, a constant weight battle and a personal finance situation that hit rock bottom. 

There have been many battles and some huge achievements.  It just goes to show there are no barriers to what life wants to give us. It's how we adapt to the experiences, what we learn from them and how we use that knowledge that counts.
Educationally school was okay; but it was a bit later in life that my greatest academic achievements came about. My introduction to psychology was to open many doors, including those to a lot of prisons! Working with some of the most infamous criminals of recent British history has given me a wealth of knowledge and insight into the workings of the human mind.

I am now at a time in my life where I can offer both professional and personal insight into many situations that you may be struggling with or putting off because you think you are the only one in that place.  Just as life's experiences are limitless, so too are life's solutions. Let me show you the way.

Business & Personal Development Weightloss Mentoring Motivaltional Speaker

BA Ed (Hons), Dip REBT, Dip CSCT, Cert Ed.Focuses on the fundamentals of human behaviour that most affect personal & business performance 

To be the best you can be,in the life that you want


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thought of The Day Putting Together the Pieces of the Puzzle

Putting Together the Pieces of the Puzzle

The results I achieved came about because I have been a seeker all of my life. I am also a good researcher so I have read and studied about everything that has ever been written on the subject of success and deliberate creation. It has been a bit like assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle.

My intention was to put the pieces together for my clients so they did not have to take as long as I did to “get it”. After several years of putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I created 
Personal Coaching for Change.

Once you understand and follow 
Personal Coaching for Change as I have it laid out for you – you can live in a natural state that allows you to easily and effortlessly create and attract an unlimited amount of abundance in your life with no stress and no worries.

A Simple, Easy, Effective Process For Rapid Change
The thing you will probably struggle with the most is the idea that you can change your life quickly. In fact, most therapists are trained to believe “it takes a long time to change”.

The problem is when we buy into the 
“it takes a long time to change”mentality it makes things more difficult for ourselves.

We are also programmed with the 
“no pain no gain” mentality. If you are programmed enough like that, it builds up and your life becomes a struggle.

You don’t have to struggle or 
“work hard” to get what you want. That is just another belief system. The fact of the matter is that the people who are the happiest; the people who are the most successful personally and financially, do not struggle or work hard.

Applying the principles in 
Personal Coaching for Change to make rapid changes in your life is a simple and easy process.

If it is that simple, I guess it begs the question; why does this program have
six hours of instruction? Good question!

The reason I have included instructions is that there is a world of difference between KNOWING how to do something and actually DOING it. We don’t
do what we know because our Subconscious mind resists change. If the Subconscious mind is not convinced the change is possible and safe, it will not allow the change to be made. The Subconscious holds all the cards.

So my job is twofold. First, I must “convince” you how and why your Conscious or logical mind works. After you accept how your Conscious mind accepts the “logic” and how and why it works, it will allow you to take the information and allow it to enter your Subconscious.

Permanent and lasting change
 requires that both the logical (Conscious) and emotional (Subconscious) mind are in alignment. To do this I use several techniques to make SURE that this happens.

Second, after aligning your Conscious and Subconscious mind I will give you simple instructions on 
how to use the information to create anything you desire. With everything in place, your Subconscious will align your intentions with the principles of Deliberate Creation through the use of Quantum Physics (Law of Attraction) and you can create whatever you desire in an easy stress-free manner.

And, it’s a 
repeatable process. It is not hit or miss. You can do it over and over again.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ask my Geek a Question

Ask my Geek a Question

Never in marketing history has it been so important to have technology on your side and working for you as well as with you, to get your information, product or service out to as many potential customers as possible.

If you are anything like me this is a huge NIGHTMARE and one that will not go away, because we are only going to get more and more technological devices as time goes on. We cannot afford to be out of date, offline, or out of sight in today´s market. 

Twittering, blogging, Podcasts, Social Networking the list goes on. I had my fingers burnt by fake geeks twice and I nearly lost my whole business, so when I say take this opportunity to ask my amazing Geek a Question, it could be the step forward to your financial goals that you have been waiting for

Playing the Game of Life to Win

Playing the Game of Life to Win
Through this very same process you can Deliberately Create a successful business, more sales, a beautiful home, education for your children, fulfilling relationships or anything else you desire.

However, Deliberate Creation is not something that you can just acceptintellectually. That was my problem in the beginning. I understood itintellectually, but I did not ACT on my beliefs.

There are two kinds of people:
  1. Those who play the game of life TO WIN. (Take Action on what they KNOW.)
  2. Those who play the game of life to NOT TO LOSE. (Keep collecting more information and avoid taking Action.)
I fell into the second category. I had all the information I needed, but I did not take action.

This is the reason why most people do not have what they want. Their true or 
hidden goal is not to get what they want, but to avoid failure and disappointment. So they do nothing. They just read and study and accumulate more information.

You always have a choice. You can play the game of life to AVOID LOSING and live an unstable, stressful life of limitation in which, no matter how much you read and study this stuff, you will never CONSISTENTLY get what you want, or..…

You can play the game of life to WIN and DO WHAT YOU KNOW. When you do, your life will no longer be about survival, but about experiencing joy and abundance and creating anything you desire regardless of your 
current circumstances, the economy or any other perceived obstacle.

Linda Sage Supporting Charity Around The World

Supporting Charity Around The World

Linda Sage has been involved with a multitude of charities over the three decades she has been talking about personal empowerment. The more we achieve, the more we need to support others in their own personal journeys who in turn support others.
We never know when or from whom we will need help and support, it needs to be there. The next generation is our future too, as they will be looking after the world when we are less able.
Some countries are struggling to offer their young people even things we take for granted, fresh water, food, a safe place to live and education, in the 21st Century there should be no child lacking in these things.
With the purchase of Personal Coaching for Change, you will not only improving your life but the life of the orphans as well with a donation from each book sale.
Hand Of God Soccer Project Ministry


The children of Hand of God Soccer Project come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are orphans with no parents to care for them; some are classified as semi-orphans, and have one living parent who cannot feed or educate them due to poverty or illness.  Some of the children have been rejected by their families when a parent has remarried, a common situation in Uganda.  Some are simply abandoned children and are provided with food, a safe place to live, basic education, and much much more....

We offer a sanctuary to vulnerable kids that gives them hope for the future.

The project also offers a spiritual community for the children where we encourage their spiritual growth and well-being.


"For God & My Country"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Truth About Manifesting Your Desires

The Truth About Manifesting Your Desires...
To be perfectly honest, most of what is being taught about “Manifestation” and the “Law of Attraction” borders on metaphysical malpractice.
After listening to the manifestation experts you may have been led to believe that all you have to do to "manifest your dreams" is to set your intention, send out positive thoughts, and believe the Universe will magically provide it for you. You are then told to keep repeating this process until the manifestation has happened.
I'm here to tell you that if you do this, you will be very disappointed.
This is where books and programs like the “Secret” are insufficient. While it is important to set your intention, think positively and have a strong belief, it only represents a fraction of what you must do to deliberately create the things you desire.
Most of these creations leave out, or gloss over the action part, but without it nothing much will happen.
Manifestation is About Alignment...
Before we go any further, let’s clarify what "alignment" really means because I see people using this term without really explaining it.
Alignment occurs on two levels:
  1. Alignment with the Laws of Quantum Physics – In short, in the world of Quantum Physics - like thoughts (positive or negative) attract their equivalent or vibrational match. Whatever you focus on with intensity and emotion will set the Universe in motion to bring that into your life.
  2. Conscious and Subconscious Alignment – Your Conscious desires and your Subconscious intention must be in alignment. If you Conscious Mind wants one thing and your Subconscious Mind wants something else (counter-intention) it is impossible to create what you want. It’s that simple.
Personal Coaching for Change focuses on helping you get what you want by using multiple strategies that automatically bring you into alignmentwith your goal, thereby attracting the results you desire.

Monday, January 16, 2012

10 Steps that Absolutely Guarantee

10 Steps that Absolutely Guarantee you'll have visible results of change in 90 days or Less! 

1. Persistence!

Violate this step and you'll never achieve permanent results. I recently concluded a 10 year study which proves that persistence is the single most important aspect of any diet, exercise or change program. The study followed a group of people (group #1) who implemented changes, exercised and dieted very strictly, but sporadically and compared those results to a group of people (group #2) who planed and worked at changes, exercised mildly and followed a very basic diet, but this group never varied from their routine. Even though group made comparatively challenging changes #2 exercised and dieted far less (but did so persistently) they got 68% better results than those who implemented change, exercised and dieted VERY STRICTLY but only occasionally.

2. Work at your change, health, weight plan around other people.

Working with others will get you about 43% faster results!!!

3. Don't take bad advice.

Take ONLY the advice of those people who are successful and look strong & healthy themselves, whom you know to be knowledgeable about your choice of change, health & fitness!

4. ALWAYS keep an eye on your progress.

When doing any training, keep a record of your progress and achievements! If you are exercising keep your pulse inside your 80% target heart rate zone it will burn up to 9 times more calories. Dropping below your target heart rate will not burn nearly as many fat calories, and going above your target heart rate may lead to muscle breakdown.

5. Surround yourself with winners.

One of the key qualities of all successful people is that they avoid negative people and they spend the majority of their time surrounded by those who have already achieved what they themselves seek to achieve. So if your goal is to weigh 135 pounds by eating healthy and living an energy full life - then seek out others who already live a healthy lifestyle and weigh 135 pounds. Hanging out with people who just talk about getting in shape or changing, but never take persistent action will ensure that you never reach your goal.

6. Know your outcome.

Have specific goals. Get a photo (or several) of what you WILL look like, what you will have achieved when you reach your goal, then focus only on that image. Quickly erase any negative beliefs or images that may enter into your mind during your day.

7. Increase you water intake.

Water is a key component to life. No living creature can survive without a fresh supply of pure water each and every day. This key is for everyone, everyday, it helps your mind and body function at an optimum. If you do not consume enough fresh water every day, your body will age faster, appear fatter, be more susceptible to germs and colds, lose joint mobility, and much more. Generally speaking, most people who weigh under 150 pounds require no less than 8-10 glasses per day, those who weigh between 150-250 pounds require about 16 glasses per day.

8. Watch where your calories come from.

Without a doubt, we eat way too much sugar and fat. Moderation was the key in the past, now the key is moderation and the exclusion of junk food. One or two binges per year are generally OK if you are a normal healthy individual, but more is absolutely not OK. Poor physical and mental health will hold you back from any of your goals.

9. Increase the number of meals consumed per day.

On average, you should be eating some form of protein and vegetable combination that's low in fat and high in fiber every 2 -3 hours of the day. Doing so will give you an almost unfair advantage over those who only eat the normal 3 meals (or less) each day. Watch your energy rise and the amount of things you can accomplish in a day soar.

10. Visualize Clearly and Often.

Design your new situation, body, house, car, in your mind first. You cannot achieve your idea of the perfect change if you don't have an idea of what the perfect change means to you. Take 10 minutes when you are sure not to be disturbed by people or phone calls, get comfortable, fully relax, then begin to dream about what you will look like, feel like when you have achieved your goal. Be specific, about your expected achievements, then review this image as often throughout each day as possible (never less than 3x/day).

Turbulence Training

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I want to talk about something that is responsible for so many stalled lives, so many setbacks, so much mediocrity and settling for 'less than' what you could have.
This thing kills confidence, self-esteem and momentum and we ALL struggle with it. I'm serious; no one is immune to it...

So what is it? Procrastination!
I have talked about it before - and I'm sure this won't be the last time;procrastination is one of those things that we all need to address from time to time.

I think it's really easy to look at successful, go-getters and people who seem to really make things happen all the time and think that they don't deal with procrastination...that for some reason, they drew the lucky "No procrastination" card when they were born...
That couldn't be further from the truth. The only difference is that they have learned how to handle procrastination when it comes up.

There will always be times that you want to procrastinate, especially when your comfort zone is being pushed and change is on the horizon. What is important at these times is that you know you can handle it.
I know we talk about the Universal Laws of Attraction, Manifesting and Visualizing what you desire, inspired action is an essential element to making all that you desire happen. 

The last thing you want is for procrastination to get you out of the flow. So what exactly do you need to overcome procrastination in 2012 and beyond?
I am so excited for all, you'll definitely want to read this to the end, and then - take action. You'll find a link at the bottom that leads you to my site to ask me any personal question about your journey of change, I encourage you to do so and get progressing towards your new life!
  1. Start by writing your goals down.
  2. Make a plan to achieve your goal.
  3. Begin a new daily routine - even if it's small.
  4. Tell people about your new goals.
  5. Picture yourself already having the goal accomplished.
  6. Don't let failures become catastrophic.
  7. Don't let it become too easy.
  8. Enjoy, but ultimately ignore, your early victories.
  9. Reward yourself.
  10. Set new goals.
Changing YOUR Life is up to YOU!

Ask me a question on business and personal development, weight loss mentoring,
motivational speaking, personal change also business advertising, programmers business solutions and internet marketing

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Measure Your Progress

An extremely important part of your change program is being able to measure your progress.

Testing is not painful, nor is it expensive. You should do it everyday (but it is a pleasure not a demand) in the comfort of your own home, at the end of each day.
Simply ask yourself how your day has gone and write your answers down.

If you are trying to change something physical like weight, fitness, hair, skin, wellbeing It's also a good idea to take before and after photos and post them somewhere you'll see them every day. If it financial, then maybe keep copies of your bank statement in places only you can see them.

But most importantly, measure 5 - 10 different aspects of your progress.

My most successful clients measure everything in their life that's effected by their change, normally on a simple scale from 1 - 10, such as:
- relationships with others
- daily energy level
- attitude
- way you feel when they look in the mirror
- the way you fit into your clothes
- the compliments you get from people
- level of mental focus
- waist, hips, and thigh measurements
- body weight
- body-fat level
- endurance in your workouts
-spending controls
- etc, etc, etc...

Make a long list of ways you can measure your progress - but be sure to include things that are truly important to YOU. If having loads of energy is important to you, than you should be measuring your energy level every day to see if your changes to your routine are doing their job.

On the other hand, if you already have a lot of daily energy, than you might not want to measure that - you might prefer to measure other things that are more important to you at the stage of life your currently at.

Take time to design your list, then chart your progress in a daily journal every day for each of the categories on your list. Then take an average for the whole day, and write that average at the top of your page.
You will be amazed how clearly this shows your progress and it shows really clearly and quickly what is and what is not working for you.

Ask Linda Sage a Question

Friday, January 13, 2012

Great poet once compared the imagination to a lamp

A great poet once compared the imagination to a lamp, shedding light on possibility. What do you think? What is possible for us as a species and for you as an individual? Stretch your imagination for a few minutes. See what you can find. Perhaps share what you see with close friends and loved ones. We must be able to see this future world before we ever can create it.

Where are the limits of human potential? Where are the limits of your own personal potential? These are questions that have fascinated us for centuries, and we won't settle them here today. But, let's stretch our thinking a bit.
Imagine a one-legged man climbing a tall mountain. Imagine a blind sculptor. Imagine a deaf composer. All are flesh and blood, and have walked this Earth. Imagine huge, incredibly heavy machines flying through the air like birds, carrying people inside of them. Once unimaginable - now a commonplace thing.

Imagine world class sports people, ordinary men and woman from all walks of life that have faced great tragedies in their lives of losing a limb or being born without a complete body, but going on to be a better athlete than you or I can perhaps imagine. The dedication, the effort the self belief in their own potential.

The Para Olympics this year in London will not get nearly as much press or prestige coverage as the Olympics, but if it is hard for the sports men and women to make an Olympian then how dedicated are those that do not have the same financial resources or the sponsorships that budding Olympic participant do.

How big are our challenges in life, today, right now? As big as losing a body part and then achieving the fitness of the prestigious few in the world... perception and awareness, we will all have challenges, but we all have more than enough potential to conquer what ever it is …. the key is ….Do you want to?

On business and personal development, weight loss mentoring,motivational speaking, personal change also business advertising, programmers business solutions and internet marketing

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Once we have formed a belief

Once we have formed a belief we become extremely reluctant to relinquish it, even when we are presented with irrefutable proof of its irrelevance or its mistaken foundation. Today's big question is, what do you believe and why do you believe it? Might your passionate enthusiasm for a particular point of view be costing you dearly in emotional and financial terms? Is it time to believe something different?
Every single person goes through ups and downs in life and nobody has a totally smooth run, but our beliefs are what keeps us in bad situations, jobs, relationships, overweight or what ever it may be, because we doubt ourselves and our worthiness to deserve better.
Successful people do not have any less “failures” or “disasters” in their lives, in fact they probably have more, but they way they deal with them are different. They believe they will succeed and they believe in their own ability and their ideas.
Failures do not have to be failures if we learn from them and make changes so we do not do exactly the same again. This is where our belief system comes in, if we are stuck and ridged in our thoughts and beliefs, then change even when things go wrong are hard. Being flexible and adapting makes success far more likely and easier.
Look at what is keeping you back, holding you in place even when you know it is not the right place for you. Very often the fear of the unknown is more scary than however bad a situation is that we are in. But the unknown is only the unknown until we try it, then very soon it becomes comfortable and the new “better” situation.
Go on try it.......................

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spent Five mins Complaining

If you have spent 5 mins complaining about something today, but done nothing to change it; you have wasted your precious time.

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When we feel strongly enough about something to complain and tell others about it, then it needs changing and we need to do something about it, or not complain about it. Complaining is a way that mentally we push the irritation to be voiced, normally what we are actually complaining about has bugged us for a while before we actually say something, 

we put up with, we try to understand, we give a bit of lea way, but in the end it bubbles up and the complaints come out. Often they are small verbal complaints, but as time passes they get bigger, louder and more aggressive. 
Complaints need to be nipped in the bud, when you catch yourself thinking about a complaint, ask yourself why are you complaining?, 

what can you do about it?, what are your options? Do not say none! As this is just not true.
It is always better to look at the things around you, change what is not making you happy; then see what a difference it makes to your life and the way you feel about yourself and the things around you.
Don´t complain, change.......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When you choose to plant a seed

When you choose to plant a seed, you look for a nice piece of earth, you clear all the rubbish and weeds away. Before you plant the seed, you dig a hole, water the soil, place some compost into the hole, place the seed carefully in the hole,

, the right way up and then pack the soft soil around the seed and fill up the hole, water it again, then you wait. Maybe each day you pop out to see its progress and keep it watered and clear of weeds.

You do not expect it to grow, bloom and flower over night. Although, you do not see how much action is taking place under the soil, you know it is happening. Then as the first shoots start to break through the soil, you feel happy and want to nurture this tiny growth until it is strong and stands alone where you can admire the beautiful outcome of your time, patience, labour and perseverance.

Planting a new idea, that needs nurturing to become a belief is exactly the same process. We plant a seed of a new idea, a change, we don´t always do a very good job of clearing out the rubbish around it, we are very impatient for a result. In our rush we let the clutter and rubbish suffocate and strangle the bud of a new idea.

Even if we have taken the time to clear out and plant the new seed carefully, because we really want the change, we are waiting for the unseen workings within ourselves but we get fraught and disillusioned, then give up on the idea, saying to ourselves.... I knew it would not work anyway! So, the seed gets smothered and dies.

Bring our own seeds to full bloom and fruition takes just the same as planting a seed in your garden. In fact, when I am coaching people I often get them to plant a seed and work with the time of germination; it is like a visual aid to help them see the passing of time and growth process. It helps to keep you focused on your own change and goals.
Change is not in an instant, we did not get our old beliefs in an instant either. It does take, work, dedication and time, but it is so very worthwhile when we nurture and watch the future bloom before us.

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