Friday, January 6, 2012

The days are passing

The days are passing, soon it will be a week, that leads to a month and years drift by, looking back over time it is easy to see how we let it slip away. Time is a commodity that we seem take for granted, we always assume that we can do things later, next week, month or when the kids grow up, when we retire, when, when, when.
Each moment, second and minute are precious, unique and unrepeatable, we all have 24hrs in each day and 7 days per week but we do not know how many we have. So why do some people do so much with their time and others seem to struggle to get things done at all?
Direction is the key, when you know where you are going it is easy to get there, even if you get lost or have a few detours, you know where the destination is. Then once you get there you set a new one, and so on. When we go through life and have no personal or professional direction we go in all directions, we take up a lot of time just going round and round in circles.
Just think of what you want to achieve, even if it is getting to work or getting children to school in the morning on time. Set your target, write it out put it up places you can see it, prepare for it and see how much easier it becomes. Talk to your children, make sure their bags, clothes, homework, packed lunch are prepared the night before, all saves minutes in the morning, relieves stress and makes getting somewhere easy and on time.
If you can do this for each area of your life, then you can make things run smoothly, your life, mood and relationships all improve. Then when the odd hic cup or road works causes a detour you are calmer, less stressed and cope well.
Try it and see what a difference it makes

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