Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When you choose to plant a seed

When you choose to plant a seed, you look for a nice piece of earth, you clear all the rubbish and weeds away. Before you plant the seed, you dig a hole, water the soil, place some compost into the hole, place the seed carefully in the hole,

, the right way up and then pack the soft soil around the seed and fill up the hole, water it again, then you wait. Maybe each day you pop out to see its progress and keep it watered and clear of weeds.

You do not expect it to grow, bloom and flower over night. Although, you do not see how much action is taking place under the soil, you know it is happening. Then as the first shoots start to break through the soil, you feel happy and want to nurture this tiny growth until it is strong and stands alone where you can admire the beautiful outcome of your time, patience, labour and perseverance.

Planting a new idea, that needs nurturing to become a belief is exactly the same process. We plant a seed of a new idea, a change, we don´t always do a very good job of clearing out the rubbish around it, we are very impatient for a result. In our rush we let the clutter and rubbish suffocate and strangle the bud of a new idea.

Even if we have taken the time to clear out and plant the new seed carefully, because we really want the change, we are waiting for the unseen workings within ourselves but we get fraught and disillusioned, then give up on the idea, saying to ourselves.... I knew it would not work anyway! So, the seed gets smothered and dies.

Bring our own seeds to full bloom and fruition takes just the same as planting a seed in your garden. In fact, when I am coaching people I often get them to plant a seed and work with the time of germination; it is like a visual aid to help them see the passing of time and growth process. It helps to keep you focused on your own change and goals.
Change is not in an instant, we did not get our old beliefs in an instant either. It does take, work, dedication and time, but it is so very worthwhile when we nurture and watch the future bloom before us.

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