Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The secret of conquering

The secret of conquering the greatest space of all, the space between our ears!
No matter how toned, strong and agile our bodies are or are not (as the case may be); our minds are stronger, we as human beings have no limits, have huge amounts of potential that we never use.
I can imagine you shaking your heads saying “I have limits, she/he won’t let me, I have responsibilities, my bank, or employer will never let me” Believe it or not these are your own limits, because we accept their limitations on us.
When we get stuck in the negatives of our lives it is hard to pull ourselves free to have a new start, but it is possible with the mental strength we have. The person we have to start with is ourselves.  Just stop and think for a moment, how do you talk to yourself?  Is it full of negatives, putdowns and limits? If you spoke to a friend like that, how long would they be your friends?
We beat ourselves up every excuse we get and we get used to doing this, so when other people do it to us, we accept it as the truth – when in fact it is only their opinion!  We give it sanction, when we accept it.  When we are positive in our own thoughts about ourselves, when we are our own best friend, then what others say does not have the same impact.
Take the next 24hrs and think about what you are thinking and saying to yourself.  Every negative thought consciously change it to a positive one, it takes practice, so keep at it.  Just see how great you feel after 24hrs positivity. The limits and boundaries you have do not seem as large or as difficult to challenge.
Day by day steps to your own success in 2012.
To get Linda sage Thought of the Day Free 

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