Friday, January 13, 2012

Great poet once compared the imagination to a lamp

A great poet once compared the imagination to a lamp, shedding light on possibility. What do you think? What is possible for us as a species and for you as an individual? Stretch your imagination for a few minutes. See what you can find. Perhaps share what you see with close friends and loved ones. We must be able to see this future world before we ever can create it.

Where are the limits of human potential? Where are the limits of your own personal potential? These are questions that have fascinated us for centuries, and we won't settle them here today. But, let's stretch our thinking a bit.
Imagine a one-legged man climbing a tall mountain. Imagine a blind sculptor. Imagine a deaf composer. All are flesh and blood, and have walked this Earth. Imagine huge, incredibly heavy machines flying through the air like birds, carrying people inside of them. Once unimaginable - now a commonplace thing.

Imagine world class sports people, ordinary men and woman from all walks of life that have faced great tragedies in their lives of losing a limb or being born without a complete body, but going on to be a better athlete than you or I can perhaps imagine. The dedication, the effort the self belief in their own potential.

The Para Olympics this year in London will not get nearly as much press or prestige coverage as the Olympics, but if it is hard for the sports men and women to make an Olympian then how dedicated are those that do not have the same financial resources or the sponsorships that budding Olympic participant do.

How big are our challenges in life, today, right now? As big as losing a body part and then achieving the fitness of the prestigious few in the world... perception and awareness, we will all have challenges, but we all have more than enough potential to conquer what ever it is …. the key is ….Do you want to?

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