Thursday, January 12, 2012

Once we have formed a belief

Once we have formed a belief we become extremely reluctant to relinquish it, even when we are presented with irrefutable proof of its irrelevance or its mistaken foundation. Today's big question is, what do you believe and why do you believe it? Might your passionate enthusiasm for a particular point of view be costing you dearly in emotional and financial terms? Is it time to believe something different?
Every single person goes through ups and downs in life and nobody has a totally smooth run, but our beliefs are what keeps us in bad situations, jobs, relationships, overweight or what ever it may be, because we doubt ourselves and our worthiness to deserve better.
Successful people do not have any less “failures” or “disasters” in their lives, in fact they probably have more, but they way they deal with them are different. They believe they will succeed and they believe in their own ability and their ideas.
Failures do not have to be failures if we learn from them and make changes so we do not do exactly the same again. This is where our belief system comes in, if we are stuck and ridged in our thoughts and beliefs, then change even when things go wrong are hard. Being flexible and adapting makes success far more likely and easier.
Look at what is keeping you back, holding you in place even when you know it is not the right place for you. Very often the fear of the unknown is more scary than however bad a situation is that we are in. But the unknown is only the unknown until we try it, then very soon it becomes comfortable and the new “better” situation.
Go on try it.......................

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