Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life is a funny old thing

Life is a funny old thing, we cannot choose where or when we were born, we do not choose our parents and we cannot choose who our children will become, mostly we do not hold the control of where and when we die, but things between there we can.

Where ever we are born and whenever, it is the right time for us and making the most of our lives is the most important thing we can do. Not all of us want the same things, for some it is a Bentley for others flying to the moon, being a movie star or just finding happiness in each and every day. 
Whatever it is you want, that is fine, don´t be put off by other people and their idea of what is “good” for you. Believe you are worth a great life, act as if you deserve a wonderful life, building your life around your goals and dreams is essential to feel fulfilled and find personal happiness. 

Believe in your own personal power, as we are all full of potential which is like supercharged rocket fuel but just like any engine, if you take our foot off accelerator the whole thing slows down or even stops. Keep the pressure on and move forward, just like any journey some of it will be smooth and fast, some will be on winding country roads, but as long as we are heading in the right direction we have to get there sooner or later. People can stop us temporarily only we can stop ourselves permanently.

Keep up the steps moving forward and tomorrow has to be different to today

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