Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making Changes

One of the things that often stop us from making changes for ourselves are the people around us, because when we change it affects others. We put off, procrastinate and make every excuse under the sun as to why now is not a good time. Do we really do ourselves and them justice but being unhappy, miserable and unsettled. 
What lessons do we teach our children about life, relationships and self worth? often they are not easy choices, but once the choice is made change seems that much easier. People around us see a change in us, more focused, happier, fulfilled in knowing we are achieving something for ourselves and for them.
Yes, there will be people who do not share our dreams and goals, they may even be very negative as to our ability to change.... as “you know how you are”. No single human being is made or set in concrete, there are no written laws that you must be constrained to one type of life, income, job, relationship, place etc etc these are all choices. Choices that can be changed, adapted and altered..
Yes, it is scary the unknown is always scary but you never have to do it alone as there are always people who have done it before, look for them, use their knowledge, their information, see yourself in the new position. Go into shops and try on the new clothes, jewelery, test drive the car, visit houses you want, get training for the new job you want. It takes effort and determination to get from one place to another, it is a journey and just like any journey there are things along the way, so don´t give up, believe in yourself and what you want to achieve.
Just make your choices and go get it....

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