Monday, January 9, 2012

Great Generation Called the Baby Boomers

There is a great generation called the Baby Boomers, if you were born between 1946 and 1964 you are part of this great generation and we have been leading the world since our post war birth.
All of the 50´s baby clothes, toys and building schools. The 60s toys and children´s clothes, 70s music, tapes, cars. The 80s house purchase boom, foreign holidays, electrical equipment, videos, 90s PCs, digital gadgets, new millennium health and well being as they had families and investments.

We have wanted more, had more, achieved more and created more wealth than in any other time in history. Millionaires, billionaires and the distribution of wealth is far wider than ever before. There is no gender, colour, creed or age barriers, communication and information sharing is global in seconds. We have never been able to pick and choose our lifestyles, careers and family dynamics like we do at this very moment.

We want to live more, see more, do more, travel more, earn more and spend more. In an ever increasing fast world with a throw away mentality, we need to make good choices as to what is right for us and what we really want. Because now it is all possible, but people are still looking for “the answer”, “the opportunity”, “the big break” it is there, inside of us just bursting to get out. Most of the time we just keep on looking at the things we don´t want and then that is what we live with.
Break the cycle, you are powerful, you can join the most successful generation ever, just by changing your thoughts and actions.

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